Love Letter to the ENBY BB's

Thank you for slowing me down. And for encouraging me to put down what does not work and play with what I am unsure of. Thank you for the confidence to say no. When I realized that I wanted to change my body, I began to sink into a tank of trans expectations. Thankfully, I made friends with a group of gender queer, glitter butch, trans fags that held me up, while I reimagined myself with more creativity and integrity. This is a love letter to all of you. Thank you for slowing me down. Thank you for unveiling the gag of gender! I love every one of you gender fucking, non binary, trans and GNC bb’s -you reimagine life for all of us. 


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Letter to my Siblings

Letter to my siblings,

I am writing this letter to you during the time of a global pandemic. As I write I know at least one of you who is sitting at home in self-isolation with a family who does not, will not see you.  I know what it’s like to be unseen and to live a life that is fractured. And I know that you are trying to find any way you can to survive. Maybe you’re coming the internet trying to find people like you. Maybe you’re scouring the pages of any book you can find or a movie or tv show that tells a story…a face…. a body….skin…a love like yours. 

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