Financial Wellness Program

Brown Boi Project’s Financial Wellness Program is designed to address the chronic economic inequalities that exist for many marginalized communities across the U.S. with an emphasis on the experiences of queer and trans people of color. Our financial wellness program develops individual capacity for financial literacy by engaging with various strategies that address financial hardship through communal dialogues, workshops, educational modules, cohort experiences and Lending Circles. Our program offerings are detailed below. For more information contact [email protected]


Workshops and Trainings: 

Our program is grounded in economic justice for people of color. Our workshops and trainings are designed to be dynamic and engaging spaces for participants to increase their capacity for personal financial management. Through a variety of interactive discussion topics and activities we discuss goal setting, budgeting, managing credit and more!


Facilitator answering participant's questions


Lending Circles: 

Around the world, friends and family come together to lend money to each other. In partnership with Mission Asset Fund, our Lending Circle program has transformed this practice into a safe and formal way to build your credit. Since 2016, we have facilitated Lending Circles in Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and other cities across the country.


Lending Circle Formation

San Diego Virtual  Lending Circle Formation


Lending Circles are formed between 7-12 people, and the loan amount ranges from as little as $300 to $2,400. Typical monthly payments are between $50-$100. Each month, a new member of the Lending Circle receives the loan until everyone in the group gets their chance! Contact us for more information and to explore how we can bring this program to your city.


Laptop with slide containing description of the benefits of joining a lending circle.


Financial Wellness Cohorts: 

We create a unique experience for groups to dive deep collectively and build community with each other. Cohorts work together to explore relationships to money while increasing capacity for financial independence. Cohorts are active for 6-12 months and tailored to the needs of the group.


Participants of newly formed Lending Circle INcreditABLE.

INcreditABLE Los Angeles Lending Circle




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